Who we are
L.d.F. sas, “L'Arte del Ferro”, is a company founded in 1994, which operates in the sector of the design, construction, and selling of olive oil-making machines, with the supply of spare parts, assistance, and maintenance.
The company's headquarters is in Umbria, in the municipality of Trevi, province of Perugia, one of the world's most well-known zones for olive oil production.
The PRIMOLEA olive oil production system is manufactured entirely by us with qualified, skilled personnel. The entire production phase is subject to quality controls from the raw material to the finished product, thanks to which we are certain of supplying a system that is totally free of imperfections.
The company is present on the Italian market with a sales network consisting of major firms selling farm systems, machines, and equipment for olive growing, enology, and agriculture. Present throughout the country in all regions, our retailers are able to provide maintenance and servicing.
Presence on the foreign market is ensured by a sales and assistance network providing both technical information and servicing for our oil-making systems.
Our commercial structure is followed directly by the parent company, with expert personnel possessing the appropriate know-how for providing assistance during the purchasing phase.
Our customers can count on the purchase of assets that will bring their firms benefits in terms of both quality and reliability.
Down through the years, L.d.F. sas has successfully developed and installed oil extraction systems both technically and performance-wise.
The innovative technical characteristics of our systems are covered by international patents, guaranteeing a real technical exclusiveness and simplicity of use and routine maintenance, which are further guaranteed by the components used, all from primary manufacturers, thus enabling them to be easily found on the various markets.
We work every day to offer a product that is satisfying during the purchase phase, daily use, and even at those times when PRIMOLEA requires maintenance.